The new season: lush, British lovliness

As we all start to transition out of the stagnant winter months back in to the garden and farmers market, may we suggest some gorgeous volumes to inspire your hands into the earth and to ignite some spirit in the kitchen and on the table.

Tender and Ripe chronicle the love affair between UK chef and writer Nigel Slater and his garden / orchard, and include loads of simple, gorgeous recipes, gardening instructions, and color-stained photographs. Both are a pleasure to behold and use, and make outstanding gifts for food lovers and gardeners.

The premier volume of Cereal, our newest magazine in the shops, is a beautiful publication out of Britain focusing on food, craft, travel, and other little bits of nature and goodness.












Long Live the Kings

Patrick keeps excitedly rattling off the details of his boys dirt road motorcycle tour, slated for late this Spring. Days on end of being hammered by cold wind and pelted by grit does not sound like a vacation to me, however this little piece shot on Super 16 oozes the romance and adventure of lost roads winding into nowhere.




Juniper Ridge Field Lab at Beam & Anchor this Sunday!

Obi and Alli of Juniper Ridge are bringing their sweet Field Van to Beam & Anchor this to distill deliciously woodsy aromas live in Portland! We will be serving up spiked hot cider (courtesy of New Deal) and enjoying the gorgeous holiday smells from 1pm-5pm, this Sunday, December 2nd!

All you Portland friends please stop by, enjoy a warm cup of ginger cider, & grab some aromatic stocking stuffers for you and yours!

Boet Jewlery

Emily Bixler has a beautiful, easy way about her. A few weeks ago she had me by the studio to see her latest creations, we shared tall cups of coffee, traded hiking & swimming hole secrets, and I fell head over heals with her stellar collection. There is something so fresh, yet so warm about her work. Utterly akin to fine art and installation pieces, but tactile and wearable.

We are delighted to have her work at Spartan.

Bay area friends, Emily has a current installation at Gallery Lulo in Healdsberg

FELIZ HOLIDAY SALE: Sunday November 4th

My sweetheart and I are moseying on down to Austin this weekend to visit family & friends, and Spartan will be participating in the Feliz Holiday Sale!

Join us to get a jump on your holiday gifting provisions, and check out some talented designers and great shops showing off their wares at the Palm Door. Drop by and see us this Sunday the 4th and cross a few of those hard-to-shop-for names off your holiday list!

Synonym: My Favorite New Journal

Buzzing with excitement, I unpacked our delivery of the premier issue of Synonym Journal to find each issue wrapped in one-of-a-kind,  hand-painted sleeves.

A smart, beautifully designed, at times earthy, at times ethereal volume dedicated to style, art, design, poetry, photography and more –  the kind of journal that makes me want to carve out an entire sunny afternoon and curl up in a big chair to absorb and enjoy.

You can grab one for yourself HERE.

* As a little treat –  enter the code synonym to get 50% off of shipping on, when you order Synonym Journal (by itself or among other items).

The Fall Reading List

The smell of woodsmoke in the air tonight is compelling me to start lining up my reading for the season.

On a whim, I signed up for a Faulkner seminar series in November & December, so a bit of Southern Gothic is up first.    Next, Caver, who I have shamefully never read, and has been patiently waiting for his time on my bedside table.

The rest are gifts or recommendations from my absurdly talented writer friend, Ms. Jardine Libaire. Perhaps I can convince her to hop on a plane to Portland this Fall with the promise of dreamy fireside literary ruminations and few Northwestern adventures?

And so it’s Fall…

I took a little break from the Journal (the computer, really) this summer to put my every spare moment into soaking up sunshine, and peddling around on the bike, exploring the outdoors, and reading on the porch — Now that the nights are getting cooler and the leaves are starting to gather on the sidewalk, it’s time to dive back into all that is Autumnal and good!
We picked up these little prints at Monograph this weekend, one of our favorite Portland shops.  There is something about them that hinted at this gorgeous transitional time from the end of summer to beginning of the cooler seasons.

Father’s Day

A little piece that I put together for All Plaid Out Last year. I love you Dad!

Things My Father Taught Me: Currie Person


1. The importance & pleasures of generosity.

This lesson was equally imparted by both of my parents, the two most giving souls I know. In our house generosity is a pleasure, an honor, and a way of life, rather than a duty.

2. There are few things more enjoyable than cooking for others.

Just as his own father had done for him, Dad began our culinary education at an early age, and God bless him for it.  My brother and I now both take immense pleasure in cooking for our partners, our families, our friends, and total strangers. I can hardly think of anything I would rather do than share a long beautiful meal with interesting company.

3. A good host never lets a drink run dry.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to attend a party where Dad played bartender, you most likely had an amazing time & hardly remember any of the details.

4. The secret to eternal youth: Never stop learning and never stop moving.

My  My father reads several newspapers cover to cover everyday, listens to recorded Science & History lectures  while driving, and has embarked on language & creative writing classes in his 60s. He also plays golf or tennis nearly every day of the year, blistering 100 degree Texas heat be damned.  In my opinion, it is this intellectual & physical vigor that empowers my father to walk fearlessly into any room, in any country, with people half his age or less, and mix it up with the best of ‘em.

5. A story should get better every time you tell it.

Dad never lets truth get in the way of a good yarn.

Tapa: Candles inspired by Travel

It seems Summer has us all in a traveling mindset, which has me pondering how to keep that wander lust alive while still enjoying the immense pleasures of home. Portland is magic in the Summertime  and I intend to keep my feet planted here as much as possible through the next few months – however, I have been reading novels placed in exotic, far away lands and burning my Tapa Candles to keep the gypsy spirit alive at home.

Tapa candles are a joint project between Tamika Rivera and her husband, Patrick Weder. Their scents are inspired by the luscious and evocative fragrances native to places they have traveled together.

Tapa candles are available in all 3 shops and online:     Spartan, Austin    Voyager, San Francisco    Beam & Anchor,  Portland OR

Above Point Reyes, inspired by Bolinas Ca: yuzu & jasmine
One the Nile, inspired by Egypt: fig & apricot
Walking on the Moon, inspired by Iceland: fresh moss (but with a nice smoky touch to it)
Amongst the Alps, inspired by Switzerland: pine, cedar and spice

Some photos of Patrick & Tamika & their Brooklyn loft from An Afternoon With…


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